AEE 1199
FPGA Evaluation Board

  • 84 pin PLCC FPGA socket.
  • On-board microcontroller to control the FPGA configuration provides stand-alone operation.
  • 32K byte EEPROM enables configuration of all Xilinx XC4000E/EX/XL and Spartan families in PLCC84 package.
  • PC-ISA (I/O address range) and a 34 pin connectors to access 49 FPGA pins.
  • 32K byte on-board SRAM.
  • 10MHz clock and socket for user oscillator.
  • JTAG connector
  • Microcontroller with RS-232 interface.
  • Prototype area

To download the configuration bit file the user simply right-click on the desired filename at any file window and starts the AEE Smart Download software. This software compresses and sends the bit file, using any serial port, to the board where the microcontroller will store it on the EEPROM.
The compression algorithm increases the configuration speed (about 30% comparing with the common EEPROM->Microcontroller->FPGA method) while reduces the time to download the file from the computer.
To know more about the compression technique used in the AEE products read the page COMPRESSION METHOD.

The AEE 1199 board is a low cost solution for new products or special product prototype assembly.

You may test new designs, cores or build bench equipments such as stimuli generators, data loggers, burn-in testers and product quality controllers.

The AEE 1199 board comes without FPGA (PLCC84 socket empty). Items included: AEE Smart Download software, serial cable and the user's manual. The on-board EEPROM size is an option as follows:

EEPROM Option 



 32K byte


US$ 104.00 

Get the free schematic diagram at LIBRARY.


The FPGA synthesis software is not included in the AEE 1199 FPGA Evaluation Board. It means that you need a Xilinx FPGA compatible software, like the FOUNDATION, to synthesize your design before download it to the AEE 1199.

The AEE Smart Download software compresses and sends the bit file for configuration (.BIT and .HEX files), result of the implementation and synthesis, to the AEE 1199.

If you do not have a FPGA synthesis software contact a Xilinx's distributor.