AEE 2099
FPGA Educational Kit

  • Spartan XCS05-4 FPGA in an 84 pin PLCC socket.
  • Four digit 7-segment LED display.
  • Two tactile switches.
  • One general purpose LED.
  • 5V power supply with 5mm connector input compatible with common wall transformers (wall transformer not included).
  • On-board microcontroller provides stand-alone operation.
  • 32K byte EEPROM enables configuration of all Xilinx XC4000E/EX/XL and Spartan families in PLCC84 package.
  • Connectors providing access to 41 or 49 FPGA pins.
  • 32K byte on-board SRAM.
  • 10MHz clock and socket for user oscillator.
  • JTAG connector
  • Microcontroller with RS-232 interface.
  • Prototype area



The AEE 2099 Educational Kit was designed to provide a way to learn about FPGAs.

You may design CPUs, fast hardware arithmetic and data processing techniques.
You can develop your own bench equipment like stimuli generators, data loggers, protocol analyzers or data scramblers.

The AEE 2099 Educational Kit comes with an Spartan XCS05-3 FPGA, the AEE Smart Download software, serial cable and the user's manual.
EEPROM  Code Price
 32K byte AEE2099-N32 US$ 174.00 

 The AEE 2099 may be supplied with a different FPGA like XC4005E or XC4010E. Contact us for details.

Get the free User's Manual at LIBRARY.


The FPGA synthesis software is not included in the AEE 2099 FPGA Educational Kit. It means that you need a Xilinx FPGA compatible software, like the FOUNDATION, to synthesize your design before download it to the AEE 2099.

The AEE Smart Download software send the configuration bit file (.BIT and .HEX files), result of the full implementation and synthesis, to the AEE 2099.

If you do not have a FPGA synthesis software contact a Xilinx's distributor.