AEE 3298B-K

The FPGA Learning Kit




  • AEE3298B board with an XCS05-3 FPGA and 32KB SRAM.
  • AEE3499 data interface adapter.
  • LMS (Logic Monitor / Stimulator) software.
  • AEE Smart Download Software.
  • Serial Cable.
  • Mounting hardware.

The AEE3298B-K is the perfect FPGA learning kit. You may download your design and test it step-by-step monitoring and/or stimulating over 32 FPGA lines.

The LMS (Logic Monitor / Stimulator) software provides a Logic Analyzer like screen were the user may change and monitor signal and buses states.

You can learn about digital design and verify how it works or even develop a new CPU design and test every function carefully.

All 32KB SRAM pins, on the AEE3298B board, may be accessed from LMS software. Then, you can read or write data on the SRAM while the FPGA is running (assuming the design on the FPGA wont try to access the SRAM at same time) or after disabling the FPGA. With this feature you can write on the SRAM your own instructions for your own CPU design and then make it works, step-by-step or free running.

The figure below is a screen example of the LMS software. As you see the LMS runs in a DOS window. Note the SRAM manual access were the data 0x52 was written and read few steps after. The LMS software is free for download in our LIBRARY page.


The AEE 3298B-K includes: one AEE3298B rev 3.1 board, one AEE3499 board, mounting hardware, AEE Smart Download software disk, LMS software disk, documentation files, serial cable and the AEE3298B and AEE3499 User's Manuals.

You may order as follows.
For different installed FPGA include the FPGA code to the Kit code.



 128K byte 15ns SRAM


US$ 182.00

 32K byte 100ns SRAM


US$ 159.00

 FPGA XC4005E-4


 add US$ 18.00

 FPGA XC4010E-4


 add US$ 79.00
 If you choose for a different installed FPGA the additional cost is only the FPGA's cost difference.

 Note: These are introductory prices! The may change without notice.